Frequently Asked Questions

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What does this site do? How do I submit an RFP?

EventRFP allows a meeting planner to discover new event destinations by searching keywords, browsing a list of regions or selecting them on a map. Each destination has a short description and displays the providers that serve there. Meeting planners may add destinations and providers to their "Event" which allows them to manage all their activity and correspondence for a single Event in one place. Once the planner completes building their Event, they will commence the RFP process by filling out their event information, then sending RFPs to the selected providers, like you! As a provider, you will be notified when you receive an RFP, and you can then use EventRFP to deliver a proposal to the meeting planner.

Does it cost money to use eventRFP?

eventRFP is free for meeting planners and providers to use.

Do you do any special vetting to make sure that providers listed in eventRFP are trustworthy and competent?

We do some preliminary investigation when we enroll a provider, such as verifying their membership in industry organizations, but ultimately you will need to perform the same due diligence on a provider you encounter through eventRFP that you would with any new vendor. In the future, we will be implementing a rating and review system for users to rate providers.

How can I get help if there's a problem?

Please contact our support team.

What recourse do I have if a provider does a bad job?

If you are unsatisfied with the performance of a provider that you encountered using eventRFP, please contact us immediately and we will attempt to intervene on your behalf. Ultimately, our final recourse would be remove their listing from eventRFP, and we would absolutely do that if any provider habitually underperformed or defrauded a client.

Are there special technology requirements to use the system?

eventRFP is accessible using any modern web browser. We test the sytem using the most recent versions of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari on the recent version of Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android. Some advanced features, such as drag-and-drop file uploads, may not be available on all browsers, but there are alternate ways to accomplish every task using every browser listed above. Please contact us if you notice any problems.

I'm a vendor that provides services for the meetings and events space. Can I sign up?

eventRFP is designed for full-service operators such as Destination Management Companies and Event Production Companies. If you are a resort or venue that offers end-to-end comprehensive ground services for on-site events, we also welcome you to enroll. The service is not intended for meeting planners to build out their events a la carte, piece by piece, but if you are a vendor of a speciality service, please contact us and we'll talk it over.

How secure is my information?

The personal information in your profile and your event information is only shared with the providers that you elect to send RFPs to.

Will you sell my name to a mailing list?

We will not. We may aggregate information from our users for the purposes of monitoring industry trends or personalizing their experience. For example, in the future if a tourism bureau in the Caribbean would like to run a "featured destination" campaign that displays only to US-based site visitors, we would utilize the address information in your campaign to make your account eligible for the promotion. But we would not give that organization a list of our customers. We will maintain our own mailing list, and we might include content from sponsors in one of those mailings, but we will not give your information to the sponsor directly.

Are there multi-user accounts, so I can collaborate with my colleagues?

For now, every user must have his or her own account, and there's no way to share information across accounts, but we plan to implement that functionality soon.

Can I print things out?

To be honest, we're trying to give our users the best online experience possible, and that isn't always compatible with perfect printing. Most of the proposals you receive from eventRFP providers will be print-friendly documents or have some provision for printing.

How do I receive and share proposals?

When a proposal has been prepared for you, you'll receive a notification. You'll be able to visit your "My Events" page at eventRFP and view and download that proposal. Some proposals will be documents that you'd need to download and attach to an email or print out to share. Others will be online proposals that you can share by sharing the link and password.

How often are new destinations and providers added?

We are adding new destinations and providers every day, but we depend on users to help us expand our footprint. If there's a destination or provider you're interested in, please let us know. It's particularly easy for us to enroll new providers when we tell them we have an RFP ready to deliver, so when you have an RFP ready to go out is a great time to let us know you'd like us to add a destination or provider to our database.

How quickly can I expect a response to my RFP?

Many of our providers also use our automation platform, VIPER. This enables them to respond to RFPs very quickly; often the same day! Other providers create their proposals manually, which means that they may take several days. Don't hesitate to use eventRFP's deadline feature to let them know when you need a response, and if you don't hear back soon enough, you may send them messages to prompt them along.

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