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Discover Destinations. Choose Providers.

Send RFPs. Receive Proposals.

How does eventRFP work?

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3.

1. Discover Destinations.

Explore eventRFP's database of the world's top Meetings and Events destinations around the world. Search by keyword, browse by region, or explore the interactive map. Compare destinations' group-event-specific benefits.


2. Choose Providers.

Learn about Destination Management Companies and Event Production Firms in the destinations you select. These full-service providers are capable of helping you plan and execute every aspect of your event, from airport pickups to adventure activities, teambuilding, gala dinners, etc, etc. Select providers with the push of a button.

3. Request Proposals.

After you've selected the providers you're interested in contacting, you may send RFPs to them with a few clicks and keystrokes. But that's just the beginning of where eventRFP saves you time and effort. All RFPs sent, proposals received, and correspondence exchanged are then cataloged and organized in your "My Events" dashboard. Never lose track of a program's status again!


Industry enthusiasm about eventRFP.

Meeting Planner

"The status quo here is organized chaos. This is a tool to help me bring some order to things."

Global DMC Owner

"I get contacted to join directories every day. It's no, no, no, no, and then eventRFP came along and for the first time I was interested."

Corporate Meeting Planner

"I can see what I need to see when and where I need to see it, without sifting through mountains of extraneous material."

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About us

eventRFP is a service of VIP Event Resources. We also make VIPER, a sales workflow automation platform for DMCs and Event Production Companies.


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