EventRFP allows a meeting planner to discover new event destinations by searching keywords, browsing a list of regions or selecting them on a map. Each destination has a short description and displays the providers that serve there. Meeting planners may add destinations and providers to their "Event" which allows them to manage all their activity and correspondence for a single Event in one place. Once the planner completes building their Event, they will commence the RFP process by filling out their event information, then sending RFPs to the selected providers, like you! As a provider, you will be notified when you receive an RFP, and you can then use EventRFP to deliver a proposal to the meeting planner.
EventRFP meeting planner users submit their RFPs through the eventRFP system, and then our providers are immediately notified by email. The provider uploads the proposal to the eventRFP system, and the meeting planner is similarly notified. The two parties may exchange correspondence by replying to these email notifications, and all emails are simultaneously sent to the other party and logged in the eventRFP system, making it easy for both sides to keep track of the entire process in a record that we call the timeline. Although you are exchanging messages and documents through our system, there is no delay in relaying the information to the other party. It is important to use the system, however, because one of the main reasons that meeting planners use eventRFP is that it makes it so much easier for them to keep track of all of their programs.
EventRFP is open to any DMC, Event Production firm, or similar full-service ground operator with a reasonable capability to operate in a particular local region. We strive to be a comprehensive source of local providers for meeting planners. Therefore, we do not restrict the number of providers that can enroll, and we do not offer territorial exclusives. We do, however, offer preferred placement in the listing. Providers that enroll before the launch will receive preferred placement for one year. Providers that are VIPER users will also receive a preferred listing. Preferred placement refers to listing a provider closer to the top of the list, or highlighting their listing in some way with a badge or border or some other design element that will set them apart from other providers in the list. We may experiment with various kinds of preferred placement. At some point in the future, there may be other ways to obtain preferred placement, including extra fees.
The only fee is a 5% commission on any operated program that initiates through the eventRFP system. There are no other fees.
Yes! eventRFP allows you to create your own custom listing, complete with your company summary, a long description, and a high quality picture slide show. The system will automatically track metrics like response time, so you can establish yourself as a provider that responds quickly to RFPs.
Destinations are at the heart of eventRFP. Meeting planners can browse a hierarchical directory of destinations, pick destinations from an interactive map, or perform searches using keywords. If, for instance, a planner searches for "snorkeling", the search results will be a list of destinations (or providers) that offer snorkeling.

Every destination for which you pay to be listed as a provider will include your custom listing under the destination's description. Additionally, by viewing your profile, planners can quickly see all the destinations your serve.
For large multi-regional or multi-national companies that serve many destinations, we recommend setting up multiple eventRFP accounts (one for each regional office). This way, you get multiple "Provider pages" that can be customized for each region instead of having to limit your listing to general information that applies to all your destinations. This will also allow an office to only receive its own leads and will avoid the management overhead of determining who needs to respond to each lead. These regional office accounts can still serve multiple destinations. If you think this setup is best for your firm, please contact us and we'll help you get everything set up.
If you serve a destination that is not included in eventRFP’s current directory, you may submit a request to have your destination added. When you are enrolling, you will have the chance to enter the names of all the destinations you serve. If there are any destinations that are not listed in our database already, you will be able to request that additional destinations be added right then.

A member of the eventRFP team will research the destination and confirm it does not already exist in our current directory. New destinations are typically added within 24 hours of your request.
No. You may choose to serve as many destinations as you would like.
Most RFPs will come from meeting planners representing businesses large and small around the world. Some of these users will be full-time, professional meeting planners with vast experience who work on many programs each year. Others will be administrative assistants, office managers, or even interns who have been tasked with event planning as a side project. Additionally, since eventRFP is free for end-users, anyone looking to plan a group travel event may use the site to submit RFPs.
Your provider profile is where you manage all important information on eventRFP – this includes your contact information, the destinations you serve, and your listing.
eventRFP provides you with your very own dashboard to manage all incoming RFPs. When you receive an RFP, it will be tracked in your dashboard and you will be sent an email at the address provided in your profile. As you correspond with your lead, eventRFP will track your communications back and forth.
You communicate with leads through a combination of email and your eventRFP dashboard. Each time you receive any sort of correspondence with a lead, whether it is an RFP or a message, you are sent an email notification. To respond to the lead, you may log into your eventRFP account and reply using the messaging system built into the dashboard or you may simply "reply" to the notification via email. Your dashboard allows you to communicate efficiently with multiple leads at any one time.
eventRFP is free for meeting planners and providers to use.
EventRFP charges a 5% commission. When you operate a program that originated with an eventRFP lead, we will send you (the provider) an invoice for the commission amount seven days after the program ends.
Please contact our support team using the Contact Us widget.
EventRFP is accessible using any modern web browser. We test the system using the most recent versions of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari on the recent version of Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android. Some advanced features, such as drag-and-drop file uploads, may not be available on all browsers, but there are alternate ways to accomplish every task using every browser listed above. Please contact us if you notice any problems.
EventRFP is designed for full-service operators such as Destination Management Companies and Event Production Companies. If you are a resort or venue that offers end-to-end comprehensive ground services for on-site events, we also welcome you to enroll. The service is not intended for meeting planners to build out their events a la carte, piece by piece, but if you are a vendor of a specialty service, please contact us and we'll talk it over.
Your credit card information is not stored on our servers, but is transmitted directly to our payment processor's secure facility via an encrypted connection (SSL).
We will not. We may aggregate information from our users for the purposes of monitoring industry trends or personalizing their experience. For example, in the future if a tourism bureau in the Caribbean would like to run a "featured destination" campaign that displays only to US-based site visitors, we would utilize the address information in your profile to make your account eligible for the promotion. But we would not give that organization a list of our customers. We will maintain our own mailing list, and we might include content from sponsors in one of those mailings, but we will not give your information to the sponsor directly.

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