Nobody sells your destination services better than you do!

Other industry "marketplaces" are designed to cut DMCs out, or relegate them to a secondary position. eventRFP was specifically designed to put YOU front and center – and in communication with the meeting planners considering your destination. Enroll in eventRFP, where DMCs are the star attraction, and you can take an active role in closing more business!

Promote your Destination
Receive RFPs
Deliver Proposals
  • We make it easy for meeting organizers to browse and compare events destinations worldwide.
  • Portray your company, its services, and your special skills in your personalized eventRFP listing.
  • We highlight and feature top destinations.
  • Meeting organizers browse destinations and build their event provider list.
  • When they're ready, they send their RFP to all the providers on the list, and you receive an electronic notification.
  • eventRFP makes it easy to exchange correspondence with the requester, and make notes on each incoming RFP.
  • Drag your proposal right into eventRFP to deliver it to the client.
  • Clients keep their own RFPs, proposals, correspondence, and notes organized. Your information will never be lost in the shuffle.
  • You may share web-based proposals, document-based ones, or a combination of the two.

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